The world is full of stories and tales, but none are so important that they cannot be forgotten. Tales passed from father to son, from mother to daughter, from progenitor to progeny, can be wiped out when a single settlement faces destruction.

A hundred years ago the Sable Wood was shared by druids and elves. Trade flourished as merchants took the dragon’s road to and from the capital, and the town of Pallwell was founded on such trade.

Now, the elves are gone, well, all but one, vanquished in a single night. The lone elven lady of the woods has become a local legend. Is she a kind and beautiful elven lady, or is she a sinister witch that parents warn their children of?

The druids of the Sable Woods have dwindled in strength and numbers. They stand guard over an elemental rift to Otherworld, and fear the day their strength is not enough. One druid among them seeks to unite the circles, but can his hope save his people?

Only the bards travel to Pallwell now, and find it poorer every time for want of trade. But there are stories here, rich and wondrous, if they can be revealed.

An exiled Mountain Dwarf stands among the mercenary company of Pallwell who strengthen the local town guard. Adventure calls, but not all the sons of fortune can answer.

These are the tales of four adventurers brought together by the twisting paths of their stories. These are the Tales of the Magi.

Dramatis Personae


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The Campaign Guide to Bretonia

Lore of the Tales

People of the Tales

The Story Thus Far


  1. Prologue

Bretonia: Tales of the Magi

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